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Established in 2017...

Though Slo-Burn was established in 2017, the vision for this brainchild has been cultivated for about two decades. Cigar aficionados, serial entrepreneurs, and close friends, Lyle Tate and Devin Graves had talked for years about working together in some capacity. (It’s no surprise that those conversations usually took place over a nice stogie). Yet the right timing and circumstances remained elusive. Like many who live in Parker and surrounding areas, Lyle had been traveling miles from home each time he wanted to get to the nearest premium cigar shop or smoking lounge. After hearing that complaint for the 100th time, Lyle’s beautiful and insightful wife Caroline laid out a challenge. “Why don’t you just do it yourself and open one in Parker?” With that spark, the fire was kindled. (Necessity IS the mother of invention after all). When Devin and Lyle broached the potentiality, every word brought them closer to the conclusion that this is the right opportunity, right circumstances, and right timing that they had imagined years prior. As if that coveted mutual project wasn’t reward enough, they were thrilled that they would be building a company in the Cigar industry, which they are so passionate about, in a community that they have roots in and care about deeply.

Bring on the adventure!